“Goals keep on changing according to time, but it’s your commitment
and attitude which keeps you stepping ahead to achieve success.”

https://linktr.ee/lavanyabuddhavarapu – her profile can be viewed by clicking this link

Lavanya Buddhavarapu is an Enthusiastic Woman Entrepreneur, HR Practitioner, HR Skills Trainer, Blogger, Writer, Motivational speaker, Content Writer, Digital Marketing expert, Networking evangelist, Story-teller, Hindi Bhasha Praveena and a consistent learner.

She is fluent in speaking English, Telugu, Hindi & Gujarati.

Having a diversified profile, created a versatile persona for her, which helped her to come across different circles of professionals and decision makers. This gave an exposure of different work cultures in different Industries.

Her working experience at different points of her career graph helped her understand the challenges of choosing the right career, professional growth and achieving success in the chosen career, reaching upto the management’s expectations, achieving the operational excellence, decision making, etc.,

This helped her lead the operations role for her organization NRich HCM Solutions Pvt Ltd., with confidence. She came across many ups and downs of the entrepreneurship, and learnt to way balance the path to attain consistent success.

Lavanya is a self-motivated person who believes that, profound growth of a profession or business can be achieved with consistent and regular efforts. And to grow we need to improve our personality in and out.

She is working with an objective to create a value to the next generation HRs with her HR Skills Training sessions and aspiring job seekers in guiding and mentoring them with her thought provoking, motivating and influencing write-ups.